Getting Started With WordPress: A Brief Insight

Building a website sounds intimidating and a long process. Hard labor, ideas, programming, coding, and whatnot are included to build a website. With so much on the plate, can a beginner make a website? Yes! Anyone can create a website using WordPress.

WordPress dashboard has everything that you need to create a perfect website. So, you might feel confused. So, we took the task to make a WordPress tutorial for newbie minds.

WordPress: Introduction

WordPress is a one-stop solution to build, publish, and maintain websites. It does not just help in building a website but also acts as a CMS (Content Management System). Hence, WordPress hosts more than 40% of websites indexed on the web.

You need to search the web and click on the WordPress download option to install it. The best part – you don’t have to be a master of different programming languages. It might come in handy to do the advanced alterations and customizations on your website.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org: Basic Difference

The presence of two distinct WordPress domains confuses a lot of people. However, a WordPress developer must know the difference. It will help you know which domain is perfect for you to build your website.

When you use WordPress.org, you need web hosting and domain separately. These things are important to launching a full-fledged website.

On the other hand, WordPress.com offers you a complete package that consists of web hosting and domain. Both the platforms share a similar UI. Hence, you can’t expect much difference.

There are a few differences in the plug-ins used by .org or .com domains. In a nutshell, WordPress.com seems much easier for beginners to create and manage websites.

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How to Install WordPress

To use WordPress, you need to install it first. Let’s see how to do that.

Most web hosting companies offer free installation of WordPress. They provide you with a dedicated tool to install WordPress when you buy their hosting services.

You will need an FTP service to transfer data to the database. In that case, MySQL can further come in handy. To ensure you don’t commit any mistakes, you should watch WordPress tutorials. It helps you get a practical insight into how to complete the installation and use the tool.

Making First Website with WordPress

1. Get Domain

A short address that visitors use to surf your website is called domain. You will need one to make your first website using WordPress.

2. Buy Web Hosting

A larger web server comes in handy to host your website. These servers are managed by web hosting companies. Therefore, you have to invest in buying a subscription fee that could be monthly or annually.

3. WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress is the next step. In case you don’t know how to do that, get through WordPress books. You can get plenty of literature talking in detail about WordPress, its usage, and its installation.

4. Install a Theme

Choosing a nice theme for your website is the next step. So, get through the ones available for free. Make sure you choose the one that goes perfectly with your content and niche. Don’t complicate things, rather, make them simple for users to navigate.

5. Publish First Page

Once everything is settled, you are good to publish your first page. Get your content ready, make necessary headlines, add links, make it SEO-friendly, and click on the Publish button.

6. Configure WordPress Settings

Most settings will work on your posts, web pages, and other things related to your content. Make sure you go through each setting to understand how it works.

7. Install Necessary Plugin

Smaller software that is installed on WordPress is a plugin that makes your life easier. Just make sure you install WordPress latest version.

Everything might seem too complicated. Therefore, be patient and explore the tool slowly. Over time, you become a master at utilizing WordPress tools.