Video Editing

Video Editing for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide

Ever seen a slow-motion video online and wondered how they do it? Well, guess what! If you ever wondered how to make and edit a video, you are on the right page. You can use video editing skills for anything. Be it for work, freelancing, or as a hobby in case you wish to become a digital content creator.

Video editing is more than just picking up your phone or camera and capturing the moment at hand. A perfectly edited video can instantly make you an internet sensation. So, let’s first learn about how video editing work and then we can learn more about video editing.

How to Edit a Video?

You can start video editing in plenty of ways. Technology has become so advanced that most gadgets have in-built video editing apps to tweak videos. However, in case you wish to leave a long-lasting impression, you need to get your hands dirty. By that, we mean to get down to professional video editing skills.

You don’t have to invest in high-end video editing tools. As a student, you should first practice with free tools. In case you can afford it, go for student discounts or a year-long free contract.

Get the raw footage, import it into a video editing app, make required changes, set a vision, and save the video. That’s the easiest way we can put video editing out.

Let’s check what you need to start video editing.

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Video Editing: Hardware Requirements

Apart from the video editing software, you also need the right hardware. Even though an average computer might edit and process the video, however, it will fail to deliver in case you want to edit 4K or 8K videos.

Make sure you have the latest process. You can go with either Intel or AMD. RAM further plays a vital role in rendering the video content. So, go with the highest version you can afford. When it comes to storage, always rely on SSD rather than HDD.

Install at least 256 GB SSD on your PC. Further, use a lightning cable to transfer data between devices. When you become a master, you can always invest more in buying expensive hardware and software.

Common Terminology Used in Video Editing

Before getting started with video editing, you must get familiar with its basic terminology. It will come in handy in case you wish to pursue video editing as a full-time career. In case you want to do video editing on mobile, get the best free video editing app for android.


Your whole video sits on a timeline on video editing software. You can make changes to the timelines. In short, you get to set the order of your video before making a final version.


To compose different sequences, scenarios, and elements in your video is known as composition. It depends from person to person. So, you must have a clear vision as to what your message would be.


Videos make large data files, especially when the quality video footage is there. Hence, compressing the file reduces the space of the file without compromising the quality.


More pixel quality means better video quality. So, it goes from 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, 8K, etc. Use the one that is easy to edit and store on your device.

Aspect Ratio

Want to ensure your video fits on a screen? That is why you must choose the right aspect ratio. Most common these days are 4:5 and 9:16.

All these terms come handy when you use a video editing app for PC or mobile. Let’s now check some of the best video editing software.

Top 3 Easy-to-use Video Editing Software

Power Director

It is a perfect tool for beginners that also offer tutorials along the way. You get access to drag and drop templates for an easier video editing experience.


If you have a Mac, it is the best video editing app for you. It is completely free and further utilizes media files from your device to make videos instantly.


The best video editing app for android is In Video. You can either make new videos or convert text to video. Moreover, it has free templates to assist you.

Get through the information given above to become an expert video editor.