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Become Job Ready with Google Certificate Course

Google is one of the most prestigious companies out there ruling the digital world. What if you could learn from Google experts? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, not anymore. You can earn a Google certificate course and learn new skills.

We know it could be a little intimidating for newbie learners. To ease out a little, we have prepared a simple guide to help you grow with Google certificate courses. Let’s first make you familiar with the Google certificates.

What are Google Certificate Courses?

These are flexible online training programs offered by Google in collaboration with other digital learning platforms. The Google certificate courses aim to make you job-ready in different domains.

The best part is that these certificate courses are free. Moreover, you can enroll and complete the course right from your comfort zone since they are online courses.

When it comes to platforms collaborating with Google, Coursera Google certificate courses are the most famous ones. You can get the same value from such platforms as well and free of cost.

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Different Types of Google Certificate Courses

A few different types of free Google certificate courses are given below. Have a quick look.

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

It is one of the best tools to reach an online audience without any hassle. This course helps you boost your online presence and further helps you connect with people. It is a great pack of knowledge for digital marketers and people running an e-Commerce business.

After its completion, you earn a Google certificate digital marketing credentials in your portfolio. Hence, you can use your earned knowledge to bag a high-paying job even if you are a fresher.

Project Management

Do you have the skills required to solve problems in an instant? If so, the project management Google certificate course could be the right fit for you. You learn to manage projects, how to make people work together, and complete the task before a deadline. In short, you learn to work with people.

Data Analytics

Unorganized data can easily confuse even the sharpest minds. What if you can easily manage, order, and organize the data at hand? Well, that is where the data analytics course can come in handy. Once everything comes before your eyes, you can explore the latest trends and patterns in the business. With too much data these days, it is one of the best Google certificate courses out there.

UX Design

Nothing works fine if the consumer is not satisfied. Hence, you learn how to think creatively and understand people when you join the UX design Google certificate course. You can earn a Google certificate course free of cost. It is going to help you observe and change your digital as well as physical goods for the best results.

IT Support

Do you love to work with computers? Are you willing to troubleshoot computer problems? In that case, you can enroll in an IT support Google certificate course. You get to solve problems along with helping others.

IT Automation

From learning in-demand skills to building a strong foundation, an IT automation course is at your service. You get to solve real-world problems by making relevant strategies.

Why you should join a Google certificate course? To know about that, let’s read the following.

Perks of Google Certificate Course

Need No Experience

No experience is needed to join the course. Rather, it is a perfect approach for beginner learners.

Self-Paced Study

Join the course and complete it at your pace. No need to hurry.

Stand Out Your Portfolio

You learn a skill that is going to stand out your resume from the rest of your peers.

Avail of Scholarships

More than 150,000 scholarships make free Google certificate courses worthy of your time and effort.

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